"The staff at this office aim to make your visit a pleasant one."

Our material and human resources are organised to offer you the best technical and legal service under optimum conditions, with maximum comfort, efficiency and speed. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee of a loyal customer.

"Ask for help and information at Reception if you wish to speak to the Notary personally".

We have staff at Reception who can help you with any doubts or contingencies, including English, German, French and Italian interpreters. You may ask for a personal meeting with the Notary at any time.In Spain, the Notary is a highly- qualified legal professional, rigorously chosen by the State by means of stringent competitive examination. The Notary, who you have the right to choose, will give you free, personal advice on any private legal affairs, as well as fiscal or tax matters.Your case is given a number or code which registers the entire operation. In the days prior to signing, you may ask for your case number and make all necessary consultations. From the moment you enter our offices, our staff will make sure your business is identified and will personally attend to your needs, to make your time here as easy as it is pleasant.

"A copy of the Notarys fees is available on request."

In Spain, the Notary is a self-employed professional working for the State, hierarchically dependent on the Ministry of Justice, who offers private individuals the most appropriate legal means to achieve their legitimate objectives. The Notaryís fees are laid down by law; a copy of the fees is available to the public.

"Your personal data is protected by Basic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data."

The Law provides for confidentiality, and the Notary and his officers are legally bound to professional secrecy.

"Please show the Notary the valid originals of your identity card, passport or residentís card, of the powers of attorney that prove your powers of representation and of your foreign residentís identification number."

The Notary has the legal obligation to identify you by means of the original of your identity card, passport or residentís card, and also to check the originals of the documents that grant you power of attorney. For these purposes, neither photocopies, driving licences, university identity cards nor other similar cards can be accepted. These requirements are legal guarantees to protect you and the persons with whom you do business. Ask for advice on police and tax requirements and documents, such as the foreign residents identification number and tax identification codes required under Spanish law for the payment of tax and as proof of residence. Full information is available at our offices. Ask for information on requirements such as the Apostille of The Hague and translations, as required by Spanish law for the acceptance of foreign documents and powers of attorney.

"If you would like to use our tax management service, please fill in and sign a work order sheet."

The Notary will not only draw up and authorise the documents you require, but if you wish, he will also manage the payment of taxes and inclusion in the Property Register. To arrange this, fill in a work order sheet, which will also serve as a receipt and proof of advance payments. After the transaction is over, the payments made and taxes paid will be accounted for.

"When signing, please disconnect your mobile phones and refrain from smoking."

Spanish law prohibits smoking in the workplace. Ask at Reception about our refreshments service.

"Ask for a signing room to read your documents or for confidential business."

Our officers have private offices to attend to the public. There are also 5 signing offices for reading and signing documents and other business. Ask at reception, and we will be pleased to provide you with the room that best meets your requirements. Do not ask for the Notary: the Notary knows you are here and will attend to you shortly.