Secundino J. García-Cueco Mascarós

Secundino-J. García-Cueco Mascarós (1962) graduated with Distinction in law at the University of Valencia, speialising in Private Law. After winning the pubilic competitive examination to become a Notary, he took possession of his first office in Sort (Lerida) in 1989, and since then has practiced professionally in several different towns. Since May 1999, he has been offering his services in Denia (Alicante), Where he runs a renowned and respected firm in Calle Marqués de Campo. The office has a team of highly-rained, experienced staff. The 400-square-metre offices have 5 sgning rooms and 4 private offices, as well as the most advanced technical and computing equipment. The staff and resources are all oriented towards providing an efficient, smooth-running service in a warm, friendly atmosphere, as befits the distinguished clientele.

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